FUTURE FLASHBACKS – August 19, 2016 Track List

This week’s episode featured new millennium tracks by teen queens Kirsten Dunst, Brittany Murphy, and Rose McGowan, a cover of Yaz, a sample of Madonna, now wave from Chvrches and Elkland, plus much more. Listen any time on Mixcloud.

Last Royals – Friday Night

Elkland – I Need You Tonight

Kirsten Dunst – Turning Japanese (The Vapors cover)

Paul Oakenfold & Brittany Murphy – Faster Kill Pussycat

BT with Rose McGowan – Superfabulous (Compufonic mix)

Alphaville – Call Me

Annie – The Greatest Hit

The B-52’s – Funplex (CSS remix)

The Birthday Massacre – Shallow Grave (Assemblage 23 mix)

Canal Pop – Pop Goes the World (Men Without Hats cover)

Chvrches – We Sink

Machine Made Pleasure – Love Affair

Mary Komasa – Come (You’ll Wanna See How It Ends) (The Young Professionals Mix)

Steve Adams with Daniela Colagiacomo – Midnight

Guidance Counselor – I Don’t Wanna Speak

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