Ghosts of the 80s Episode – October 21, 2016 Track List

This was a fun episode, matching new music by some of my faves from the 80s with modern wave that borrows from classic songs by each artist. Listen any time on Mixcloud. Here’s the breakdown:

Jenn Frederick – I Shoulda Been Blonde (samples “Enola Gay” by OMD)

OMD – Metroland

David Guetta – Always (samples “Change” by Tears for Fears)

Tears For Fears – Call Me Mellow (Tin Tin Out mix)

Emmon – Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat cover)

Jimmy Somerville – Come On

Britney Spears – Everybody (a sample mashup with “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics – it’s like Annie Lennox and Britney are doing a duet!)

Eurythmics – I’ve Got a Life (David Guetta mix)

Parralox – Heaven (Beautiful World Remix) (Depeche Mode cover)

Depeche Mode – Martyr (Booka Shade mix)

Andy J – Tilt My Hat (samples “Burn for You” by INXS)

INXS – Afterglow (Redanka’s Afterdark remix)

Kelly Osbourne – Two Of Hearts (Stacey Q cover)

Stacey Q – Candy Apple (St. James mix)

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