June 2, 2017 episode TRACK LIST

So many highlights for me on this episode, including a song by The Wavos from a horror flick, Blink-182 going for an 80s new wave sound, a ‘Til Tuesday classic covered by a male vocalist, and 80s dance sounds in remixes of Lebanon Hanover and Passion Pit. Listen to the show any time on Mixcloud.

Body of Light – How Do I Know
Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (Future Of Vision remix)
Verona – Hit The Lights (band formerly known as Marathon)

The Wavos – Chit-Chat (from the movie The Barn)
Adoration Destroyed – Voices Carry (‘Til Tuesday cover)
Roosevelt – Fever
Walk The Moon – Different Colors
Sleeper Agent – Take It Off
Plasticzooms with Alina Rin – Crash (The Primitives cover)

Blink-182 – This Is Home

Shura – What’s It Gonna Be?

Lebanon Hanover – Babes of the 80s (She Past Away mix)
Rogue Traders – Speak & Destroy
Jukebox the Ghost with Secret Someones – Walk Like An Egyptian (The Bangles cover)
MNDR – #1 In Heaven

Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Le Chev remix)

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