Ghosts of the 80s Episode – October 21, 2016 Track List

This was a fun episode, matching new music by some of my faves from the 80s with modern wave that borrows from classic songs by each artist. Listen any time on Mixcloud. Here’s the breakdown:

Jenn Frederick – I Shoulda Been Blonde (samples “Enola Gay” by OMD)

OMD – Metroland

David Guetta – Always (samples “Change” by Tears for Fears)

Tears For Fears – Call Me Mellow (Tin Tin Out mix)

Emmon – Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat cover)

Jimmy Somerville – Come On

Britney Spears – Everybody (a sample mashup with “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics – it’s like Annie Lennox and Britney are doing a duet!)

Eurythmics – I’ve Got a Life (David Guetta mix)

Parralox – Heaven (Beautiful World Remix) (Depeche Mode cover)

Depeche Mode – Martyr (Booka Shade mix)

Andy J – Tilt My Hat (samples “Burn for You” by INXS)

INXS – Afterglow (Redanka’s Afterdark remix)

Kelly Osbourne – Two Of Hearts (Stacey Q cover)

Stacey Q – Candy Apple (St. James mix)

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Ghosts of the 80s Episode Teaser

Loads of 21st century music by 80s new wave artists on this episode, but I’m not going to give away who because every track is going to be shadowed by new millennium wave that either samples or covers a classic from the artist! Listen to the show at flashback alternatives.


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October 14, 2016 Episode Track List

On this episode, Erasure’s Andy Bell and Propaganda’s Claudia Brucken team up, The Limousines take a classic by The Buggles into the cyber age, Stephin Meritt covers Peter Gabriel, plus now wave from The Ting Tings, Rogue Traders, Matinee Club, and more. Listen any time on Mixcloud.

White Lies – A Place To Hide

Andy Bell & Claudia Brucken – Love Oneself

The Ting Tings – Hands

Stephin Meritt – Not One Of Us

Small Black – No Stranger

Sparks – Lighten Up, Morrissey

Rogue Traders – Skyline

One Night Only – Chemistry

Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemasons mix)

Matinee Club – Questions

The Limousines – Internet Killed the Video Star

The Ivy Walls – Take a Ride

Howard Jones – Just Look At You Now

Goldhawks – Where In The World

Franz Ferdinand – Call Me

The Epoxies – Walk The Streets

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October 14, 2016 Episode Teaser

This week’s episode features a remix of Eurythmics, a cover of Blondie, an ode to Morrissey, and new millennium music from Howard Jones, plus modern wave from White Lies, The Ivy Walls, Small Black, and much more. Listen on flashback alternatives.


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October 7, 2016 – The Power Poppin’ and Pop Punkin’ Episode! Track List

A new millennium song selection to get your blood pumpin’ like it’s 1982, with songs from Billy Idol, The Blow Waves, Fits & The Tantrums, The Galvatrons, The Sounds, The Go-Go’s, and more. Listen any time on Mixcloud.

The Blow Waves – Monopoly

The Bangles – Tear off Your Own Head (It’s a Doll Revolution)

Clear Static – Tuesday On My Mind

Goldhawks – Secrets

The Bravery – An Cat Dubh

Billy Idol – New Future Weapon

Electric Six – Vibrator

The Colourist – Tonight (Young Hearts)

Fitz & The Tantrums – Out Of My League

Bad Veins – Child

The Galvatrons – She’s In Love

Hellogoodbye – All Time Lows

Blondie – Love Doesn’t Frighten Me

5 Seconds of Summer – Hey Everybody!

The1975 – Sex

The Sounds – Running Out Of Turbo

TV On The Radio – Lazzeray

Scarlet Soho – We Must Destroy

The Go-Go’s – La La Land

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October 7, 2016 – The Power Poppin’ and Pop Punkin’ Episode! Teaser

It would pain me to do a show not loaded with electronic drums beats and synthesizers if the song selection wasn’t this rockin’, with modern power wave from The Bangles, Clear Static, Electric Six, Blondie, Hellogoodbye, Scarlet Soho, and much more. Listen at flashback alternatives.


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September 30, 2016 Episode Track List

Plenty of new takes on 80s classics on this episode, plus modern synthpop by Provision and Holy Ghost!, as well as a crossover of the 80s and today when Phil Oakey of Human League teams up with Little Boots. Listen any time on Mixcloud

Alphabeat – Ten Thousand Nights (Bimbo Jones Mix)

Erasure – Victim of Love (Komputer mix)


The Rosebuds – The Walk

TV Eyes – Over the City

3OH3! – See You Go

Christopher Anton – Fade to Grey

Kelly Osbourne – One Word (Chris Cox mix)

Holy Ghost! – Hold My Breath

Gang of Four – Broken Talk

Jupiter One – Come On

Provision – Into the Fray

Little Boots and Phil Oakey – Symmetry

Selena Gomez – I Don’t Miss You At All

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